At Silver Coast we strive for an incidents and injury free workplace, with no harm to people while protecting the Environment.

We are committed to providing healthy and safe workplace to our employees and other people working under our control and conducting our business in manner that protects the environment. To achieve this sufficient time and resources will be allocated at all company’s locations and shall adhere to the following principals:

- Identification and Evaluation of all HSE Hazard and Management of the risks to reduce their impact to acceptable level.

- Compliance with all applicable HSE Legislation.

- Prevention of incidents, injuries and environmental pollutions.

- Intolerance of the conditions and behavior that can lead or contribute to incidents and injuries. Disciplinary action shall be taken against violators.

- Prevention of incidents, injuries and environmental pollutions.

- Reduction of waste and conservation of resources through practical ways.

- Consult with our employees on the matters effecting their health and safety.

- Continual improvements of the HSE Performance.

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