• About Us

    Founded in Abu Dhabi in 1997, SCCB is today one of the leading civil-engineering and construction companies in the United Arab Emirates - developing some of the largest and most significant projects for both public and private sectors.

    Silver Coast proudly delivers project management and engineering solutions through a diverse set of operational divisions, together with the highest level of industry qualifications and advanced technical equipment, to provide integrated solutions for major civil engineering works, tunneling and architectural works in accordance to the highest international standards.

  • Historical Overview

    In 1997, the company’s business operation was launched to meet the growing demands for infrastructure projects in the United Arab Emirates. SCCB is one of the first construction companies to adopt modern techniques for the completion of infrastructure and tunneling works on some of the sizeable projects in the UAE at that period of time.

    Since then, the company has been able to implement many of the major construction projects in the UAE for the Armed Forces, using UBM Technology and other traditional construction methods. This is also In addition to the completion of major quality projects in key specialized areas.

    In 2008, a consortium comprising of SCCB and Sunway Group – Malaysia won the contract for the first phase of the Capitala (a joint venture between Mubadala - Abu Dhabi, and Capital Land- Singapore), the Arzanah Project and Rihan Heights. Project’s value is 500 Million USD & was handed over at the projected deadline in November 2011.
    With significant growth in the size of the company's business; Silver Coast’s management has focused heavily on the hiring and training of specialised experts to work in various projects - increasing the number of staff gradually, and reaching 2,500 employees by 2015.

  • Chairman Message

    Aspiring to continuously reach new heights and accomplishments has always been SCCB's key aim since its inception 20 years ago. From the beginning we have strived to create a firm foundation for our organisation, as it is our belief that whoever achieves this will also be able to deliver accomplished projects with lasting foundations.

    Our highly qualified team are the key to our organization's success. Skilled and knowledgeable, they have been unwavering in their ability to deliver one successful project after another. Hand in hand, we have provided all of the requirements in order for our team to achieve all of our projects to date.

    With the upcoming 20th anniversary of its founding, Silver Coast is looking to extend its success to new heights with its strategic partners & clients in the United Arab Emirates, to support continuous economic and urban growth.

    Shaher M. Awartani
    Chairman & Co-Founding Partner
  • Vision and Mission

    Vision :

    • SCCB continues to move forward to become one of the leading Engineering and Construction Companies in the UAE, and eventually, the region, by consistently delivering projects that go beyond client’s expectations.


    • Our core mission is to meet clients’ requirements in the engineering and construction sector with stringent adherence to quality, time, safety and environmental care
    • To develop an effective management system that stresses on productivity, perpetual development of the organisation, and instilling work ethics in all personnel.
    • To build value for the organisation in order to become a unique and distinct company within our industry.
    • To remain focused on organisational growth while recognising those who contribute to this growth.
  • Values

    • People

    • Commitment

    • Integrity

    • Adaptability & Flexibility

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    • Continuous Learning

    • Customer Satisfaction

    • Trust

  • Awards & Certificates

    SCCB Company was awarded numerous awards and certificates in recognition of its track record over the past years solidifying it as an industry frontrunner, and among the highest ranking, in Construction and Steel Works as well as mechanical and electrical works. Quality Management Since the inception of SCCB, the Board of Directors has directed the company towards the highest of industry quality through commitment to global, technical, occupational safety and health standards and the continuous training of our teams. These factors have qualified us for the highest quality certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 which has elevated our company within the Construction industry in the UAE.

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Featured Projects

Over the past twenty years, SCCB has successfully completed works in infrastructure projects, civil works and major facilities, airports, warehouses and residential housing complexes. SCCB has also worked on the completion of prime projects for the Command of Military Works, the Crown Prince Court, the Ministry of Interior and the UAE Presidential Guard Command across the UAE, execution of tunnels projects for the Ministry of Environment & Water, Ministry of Public Works, Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority, in addition to vital real estate development projects in the private sector.