Who We Are

Founded in the heart of Abu Dhabi, since its inception in 1997, SCCB has retained its ever-growing presence in the country to become one of the leading multi-disciplinary contractors.

Industry leading experts deployed to achieve

Our core values thrive our growth with having industry leading experts that range from Engineering and Design down to Execution and Take over, we employ a variety of nationalities maintaining a diverse team within the company organization and adhering to fair opportunity and non-discrimination rights.

Your Partner to turn Visions to Reality

We are your partners in construction, our most important company objective is to ensure our services meets the client’s requirements, upper management remains a direct point of contact for all our projects ensuring our teams performance is monitored and lead to achieve the clients directive and bring their vision to reality.

Special Grade Contractor

We pride ourselves on our long and sustained growth, our enduring efforts recognized as a ‘Special Grade’ in the UAE having the opportunity to execute all types of Building and Steel Structure as well as offering our bespoke services in

–           Design and Build

–           Architectural Engineering

–           Electro-Mechanical and Plumbing

–           Customized and fine-tuned fabrication

–           Facility Management

Chairman’s Message

Aspiring to continuously reach new heights and accomplishments has always been SCCB’s key aim since its inception in 1997.

From the beginning we strived to create a firm foundation for our organization, as it is our belief that whoever achieves this will also be able to deliver accomplished projects with lasting foundations.

Our highly qualified team are the key to our organization’s success. Skilled and knowledgeable, they have been unwavering in their ability to deliver one successful project after another.

Hand in hand, we have provided all the requirements for our team to safely achieve all our projects to date.

Shaher M. Awartani
Chairman & Co-Founding Partner


A Company of Principle and Values

SCCB started off as a company of many projects; but over the decades has been able to sustain a healthy growth and retaining a thriving team molding the company’s capability and ability to add appreciation of the company’s functionality and ability to implant technology and development to our assets.

Separating us from the market norms

Over the years we have enabled ourselves to become cut above the rest separating us from our competitors by providing different client experience and satisfaction; our clients have maintained their support for the company and commitment in looking our way for the construction solutions and projects.

Dedicated to the most detailed Electro-mechanical device

We have an array of facilities that rhythm together and available to all our client projects; from in-house industry leading experts ranging from Civil and Architecture down to the most detailed Electro-mechanical device, bespoke fabrication and Facility Management.

Back end support for all projects and developments

SCCB management office has been the backend solution and support for all projects; this has grown over the years to become departments solidified in the foundations of the company maintaining dedicated teams that provide their constant communication and overview throughout the life cycle of projects.

Beyond Expectations and Client Satisfaction

In light of SCCB’s growth, none of this would have been achieved without the assurance and directives of the company’s partners; a not to compromise approach and ensuring the core values are maintained on a daily basis integrates projects deliverables with the foundations of our values guaranteeing the comfort of all our stakeholders and going beyond expectations.

Our Charter

SCCB hold strictly to its charter and values ensuring a healthy and supportive environment for all personnel including the local public; we provide values that ensure the success of our operations and minimalizing to none on the compromise of comfort and satisfaction.

Our Charter is:

–           Committed Contribution to the achievement of the United Arab Emirates Visions

–           Advance the boundaries of construction experience and deliver superior quality projects to our clients with strict adherence to sustainability, Quality, Safety and Time

–           Sustain a high level of professionalism and fairness in our relationships with Clients, Stakeholders, Sub-contractors and Suppliers

–           Promote ethics and integrity at workplace and maintain a stable work environment

–           Provide human resources with equal opportunities for personal growth and recognizing those who contribute in our success