Facility Management

At Silver Coast Facility Management (SCFM) we strive to maintain our leading position in Facility Management, we aim to protect our client’s investment by maintaining the highest level of service that can be provided; we assure you of our attention to detail and the ability to deploy resources in any given situation.

We guarantee the performance and quality

We currently provide our services in confidential entities but guarantee the performance and quality has maintained our commitments and their satisfaction throughout the years.

Maintained Commitments throughout the years

Our Department is flourished with multi-disciplinary personnel that shall be tasked with monitoring the performance of the facility and ensuring that maintaining the service is affordable whilst ensuring the satisfaction of all parties.

Our experts are ready to provide studies towards your facility and overviewing the requirements to ensure that you maintain a healthy and stable return on your investment over the years.


We provide a variety of services that enable the facility to preform by maximizing its efficiency; we have teams with experience in all types of facilities from retail and commercial down to residential and special types.

An array of our service are detailed below, but don’t hesitate to contact us for undefined services as we are happy to accommodate special requests.

Soft Services

–           Concierge

–           Security

–           Housekeeping

–           Health Club and Swimming Pool

–           Waste Management

–           Pest Control

–           Gardening and Landscaping

–           Façade Cleaning

–           Electro-Mechanical and Plumbing

Hard Services

–           HVAC Systems

–           HV & LV Systems

–           Building Management Systems

–           Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Systems

–           Elevators, Escalators and Passenger Transition Systems

–           Plumbing Systems

–           Access Control Systems

–           Gate Barrier Systems

–           Security and CCTV Systems