Our Responsibility

At SCCB we hold high esteem towards the safety and welfare of our employees; we are committed to ensure that our operations shall minimize any environmental impacts as well as providing support to our local community. Our ears and eyes are open to the public assuring them of a safe and sound environment and we always work towards governmental initiatives to further expand our operations and commitments to the built environment.

Environment & Sustainability

We are here and green, we have committed our operations to works towards achieving the KPI’s laid out in our charter; the company has a zero tolerance on waste and negligence. We understand the day to day operations have an impact on the environment directly and indirectly, thus we take initiative to protect it.

Our approach to environmental sustainability is aligned with key requirements stipulated in the environmental management system ISO 14001 and regularly assess our environmental impacts by setting new goals and targets to drive continual improvements.


–           Reduce Construction wastage by 10% and recycling 30% of Construction Waste

–           Reduce Carbon Emissions ensuring all vehicles have working catalytic convertors

–           Reducing Carbon Footprint by increasing procurement from local sources

–           Waste segregation training all Employees achieving 100% of the company


–           Promoting sustainable operations and solutions

–           Reducing carbon emissions

–           Implementation of Green Procurement

–           Promoting reuse and recycling of materials

–           Championing innovative and economical solutions

We maintain our commitment to the directive of Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council and Estidama Sustainability Code, by ensuring the company maintains Pearl Qualified Professionals that track, monitor and act on the KPI’s targets ensuring compliance and adherence to the codes. Additionally, we use Tadweer approved waste management companies for all our projects which allow us to monitor our recycling status and achieve our KPI’s successfully.

Occupational Safety & Health (OS&H)

Long-term business success of SCCB relies on our ability to continually improve the quality of our workmanship and services while protecting the people and the environment.

We are committed to provide a healthy and safe workplace for all personnel by adhering to the local and international legislations, thus we take responsibility to provide all required resources to achieve the following:

  • Identification and evaluation of OSH hazards and reduce the risks to the lowest reasonably practical level.
  • Compliance with all applicable OSH Legislations.
  • Prevention of Incidents and Injuries
  • Zero tolerance to the behaviors that can lead to incidents and injuries.
  • Accurate reports and records of all workplace incidents and injuries.
  • Assist our employees on the matters affecting their Health & Safety.
  • Engage SSCB employees and contractors in promoting healthy and safe workplace.
  • Constant improvement of the health and safety performance.

Senior management are committed to lead by example to deliver the principles of to ES&H Management System while Supervisory personnel at each site are responsible for implementing and maintaining the OSH Policy and Management System. Each employee is obliged to report unsafe acts and conditions at the workplace and take appropriate reasonable measures to alleviate such risks.

Sub-contractors are monitored to assure their adherence to SCCB OSH Policy and compliance with applicable OSH legislations.

Regular OSH Audits are conducted to determine the conformance to the ES&H Management System at work sites.


SCCB objective is to attain the highest level of quality in all business activities and exceed the expectation of customers by systematically eliminating abortive work at workplace, continually improving performance through regular reviews and following SCCB QMS (Quality Management System) with framework meeting the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

In order to achieve our objectives, we at SCCB are committed to the following:

  • Maintain quality management system meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and continually improve our performance.
  • Communicate and implement SCCB QMS.
  • Adhere to guidelines and requirements set by concerned authorities, international codes and standards.
  • Ensure the integrity of quality inspections, auditing, testing activities and reporting.
  • Set and achieve clearly defined annual quality objectives.
  • Promote our QMS to our sub-contractors, suppliers and customers.
  • Provide necessary guidance, training and supervision to all our personnel and subcontractors.
  • Ensure all employees are made aware of their individual responsibilities related to quality.